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End to end methods for Autonomous Driving as a beginner (LLM approach)

· 22 min read
Ordinary Magician | Half stack developer

I look back at the assisted driving systems project I created during my undergraduate studies. As we continue to improve it, it is gradually becoming more bloated and difficult to scale. As I continued to learn, I found that an end-to-end approach would be the right solution. In this page, I will record my review of this project and my gradual understanding of the end-to-end approach as a beginner.


In this page, I first review the assisted driving project I once created and explain how it was structured. Then I will introduce World Model as a novice and introduce the advantages of LLM for autonomous driving. Next, I will share a paper on how to integrate LLM into an autonomous driving system. Finally, I will go deeper into Augmented Language Models and share how I begin.