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Introducing React Query : Hooks for fetching

· 2 min read
Ordinary Magician | Half stack developer
  • What is React Query? it's a library for fetching data in React applications.

  • Why I need a data fetching library?

    1. Since React is a UI library, there is no specific pattern for data fetching.
    2. There are useEffect hooks for data fetching and useState hooks to maintain component state like loading, error or resulting data.
    3. If the data is needed throughout the app, we tend to use state management libraries. Although most of the state management libraries are good for working with client states, they are not great for working with asynchronus or server states. (server states are very different to client states)

differences between client state and server state

client state:

  • Presisted in your app memory and the accessing or updating procedure is synchronous.

server state:

  • Presisted remotely and requeires asynchronus APIs for fetching and updating.
  • Server state has shared ownership. Data can be updated by someone else without your acknowledge. So UI data may not be in sync with the remote data.
  • Challenging when you have to deal with caching, deduping multiple requests for the same data, updating stale data in the background, and performance optimizations etc..

Data fetching libraries makes things handy. These are basic important methods:

Data fetchingUpdating
Basic queriesUpdate data use mutations
Poll dataIncalidate queries
Reusable query hooksOptimistic updates
Query by id
Parallel queries
Dynamic queries
Dependent queries
Infinite & paginated queries

Please make sure that you have already achieved these pre-requests:

  • React fundamentals
  • React Hooks